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This Article is outdated.

The 3D_Printer is upgraded and doesn't have a Laserdiode now`

Mount a 1,5W laser on your 3D printer and your laserengraver is ready to go.

Recently I got an 1.5 laser module. It's one of these typical modules which are offered from popular Chinese or other shops. Mounted on my 3D printer, a nice Laser engraver is ready to use.

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Beware of your eyes, always use protection glasses

My 3D printer is an open source RAMPS-1.4 printer with Marlin firmware and ArduinoMega2560 controller. I repurposed the FAN out to control the laser. The laser power is controlled by the FAN's PWM signal which is connected to the TTL input of the laser. A switch allows to use the FAN out as the default 3D printer FAN (on, off, rotation) or to control the laser. (on, off, laser-power) As the FAN out is a PWM signal and not a real off-switch, the laser module has got a separate power supply switch for safety reasons.

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Software tool chain

My printer host program is Repetier-Host. I use Inkscape to create the text or images and the jTechPhotonics extension to generate the gcode. Some G-Code commands can or must be changed. As these are only a few commands, I do it in a text editor with the search and replace option.

The mentioned "laser-engraverrsf-m200" printer in the template is my standard 3D printer configuration with a reduced working area due to the installation of the laser module on one side of the printer head.

The Laser template gCode can be downloaded here

Security advice

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